Marketing Outsourcing starts on the B2B side

Effective organization marketing starts on the company’s website. That’s why we will build a B2B website for you that responds to the substantive value of your buyer personas, fitting into their purchasing processes.

A B2B website should not only be a company's business card

For effective B2B marketing, your company’s B2B website cannot be just a business card. Instead of just presenting the organization’s history, achievements, and offer, it should become the hub of the entire company’s marketing and, in this sense, connect marketing with sales.

A well-designed and executed B2B website supports the sales team’s activities and, at the same time, serves as a place for independent education of your customers. It serves as a tool for building a mailing list and strengthening relationships with individuals. It enables the collection of data used in analytics for marketing development based on numbers. And above all, it becomes the main communication channel for your offer to the whole world.

Achieving all these goals requires a project approach,
in which aspects coming from within your company merge with the expectations of potential customers. Good understanding of personas and mapping their purchasing processes is essential for this.

B2B website - how does the monthly cooperation proceed?

Building a B2B website for a medium-sized organization used to be an overwhelming challenge. This process required the involvement of many people and the processing of vast amounts of knowledge. Acceptance of dozens of texts, projects, and testing took a lot of time.

Working with B2B companies, we have noticed that this approach is simply impractical in today’s rapidly changing times and delivers results with delays.

That’s why our process is based on monthly sprints, the effects of which are fully functional elements of a B2B website that is already online. Developed during the workshops, the plan shows you the number of necessary sprints divided into:

Key sprints

necessary to build the foundation of the website

Additional optional sprints

supporting marketing

Promotional development sprints,

expanding your reach

It’s up to you what scope of work you want to carry out and at which stage you consider the project “completed.” A medium-scale project, addressing key needs, consists of 2 to 4 sprints. Every month, we present the scope of work and settle the previous one, making it easy for you to track progress and control the budget.

How do we start the B2B website building process?

A good B2B website must capture the essence of your company, so we start the process with workshop activities aimed at determining the main areas of your business.

We examine:


Who you sell to, creating your buyer personas


How your customers buy, mapping the Purchase Process


The values of your company, defining your products, services, and offer

We conduct these studies through consultations with you because it is largely knowledge your company already possesses. We help you systematize and frame it, which serves to build your website. Usually, at this stage, our partners see the benefits of organizing and analyzing information about their organization.

Based on workshop activities, we prepare a presentation-style document that contains organized knowledge about personas, the purchase process, and your offer. In addition, you receive:
  • Target map of your B2B website
  • Information architecture on key subpages
  • Proposals for departments and educational content guidelines
  • Recommendations for lead generation supporting solutions
  • Analysis of your competition and your differentiators
  • Aesthetics suggestions based on the competition’s design and buyer persona expectations
  • Recommendations for the first steps in generating traffic
  • Schedule and scopes of upcoming activities (sprints)

The document you receive from us also includes an estimated budget for the activities, so you can immediately decide whether to continue developing your organization.

This is also a good way to test our cooperation and determine the scale of the challenge, which may be important for you before committing to the entire project for several months.

Your B2B website will be built by specialists

Building a substantive B2B website exceeds the capabilities of a freelancer or an independent marketing manager. To carry out this process correctly and maximally efficiently, we engage specialists who are responsible for individual stages.

B2B marketing consultant

Bringing B2B marketing knowledge and adapting it to your situation, taking into account personas, the purchasing process, and your offer. Directing the production process in the right direction and ensuring a high level of substantive work.

Project manager

Holding the process and ensuring that tasks are carried out according to plan. Coordinating and conducting meetings with you and your experts. Helping, for example, determine substantive knowledge, conducting content interviews, presenting developed work, and accepting action segments. Setting the pace of work.

Programmer / implementer

Ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies, the programmer builds a B2B website for you, which is primarily business-useful, not just beautifully coded. We avoid creating solutions that cannot be developed and provide you with a website that you can manage independently. The programmer hands it over to you for further development and also helps launch the entire site online.

Graphic designer

Your company operates in the environment of other companies, probably already has an established brand and may be associated with specific colors, font styles, photo styles, or illustrations. The graphic designer uses these elements and ensures that the content and subpage interfaces remain consistent. If necessary, the graphic designer recommends creating additional elements consistent
with your existing image.

Content specialist / copywriter

You and your specialists have extensive expertise specific to your industry. However, there is often a lack of time to describe it and ideas on how to do it
attractively. Our actions are supported by a copywriter who conducts interviews with you, documenting knowledge that they use in creating content for your B2B website.

Usability designer (UX)

In building B2B websites, we must consider the logical presentation of content, its visualization, and user-friendly presentation. Simply writing down knowledge is one thing. Arranging it so that it answers the subconscious questions your recipient asks, dividing them into appropriate portions, and supporting them with visualizations – that is the task of the UX/UI specialist.

The process of building a B2B website remains unchanged. Thanks to this, we have refined it to perfection in subsequent iterations. However, the final result of each stage of this process is tailored to the specifics of your organization and your expectations. This is how B2B websites, from which effective marketing begins, are built.

The process of building a B2B website consists of these stages

Companies differ from each other, but our proprietary process of building B2B websites contains flexible components that can be freely adjusted to the specifics of your industry. Our team of specialists works on this. See the individual stages of our cooperation.


 Building a site map

We inventory your offer, achievements, knowledge, and information. We prepare a site plan that will be friendly, logical, and easy to understand for your audience at different stages of awareness. To easily guide them to conversion.


Planning the information architecture of subpages

We complement the organized site map with recommendations for presenting information on them. We define elements to be placed on them to engage and maintain the audience’s attention and guide them to take the right actions.


Presentation of Your Knowledge and Description of the Offer

Based on the recommended content, we work with you to determine the substantive level and scope of knowledge we will use. We conduct interviews with you (in the form of recorded video meetings, for example), audit your specialists, and describe the obtained information in the form of text documents that you can immediately use for internal training or onboarding new employees.


Delivery of Qualified Leads

Not dozens per month with minimal conversion, but a few with which you can close sales with little effort.


Organizing Content in a Useful Manner

We present gathered information in mock-ups that use a previously planned information architecture. They also present the real knowledge of your company. The plans discussed at this stage already include target content.


Designing Engaging Page Views

Taking into account industry standards, the expectations of your purchasing personas, and the appearance of competitors’ pages, we consciously plan to distinguish you with an eye-catching design. We design page layouts with target colors, fonts, images, and eye-catching design.


Implementation of Views in the CMS System

The B2B website built by us is a functional tool because the views embedded in the content management system can be modified independently according to your needs. We create a site with reusable modules that can also be used to build additional pages of your service.


Launch and Support in Publication

We first show you the implemented solutions in a working version
to confirm that everything looks and works as it should. After your approval, we transfer the agreed portion of work to your website and publish it under the appropriate domain to showcase it to the world. You can also count on our support in this area.

Let's talk about your B2B website. No cost. No obligation.

Schedule a free consultation now, during which, within 30 minutes of talking to our specialist, you will learn the answer to whether this offer is suitable for you.

4 out of 5 of our clients admit that, thanks to this consultation, they know what a B2B website supporting marketing should include.

Course of the consultation

Your Organization · The Conversation · Your B2B Website

Benefits You Will Gain During Our Cooperation

We are committed to delivering a website that will be a lever for the development of your business through marketing. We want you to be able to proudly present your company as modern and at the same time support sales in this way. During our cooperation, you will also gain other benefits.

Complete Project Implementation

Plan and completed project, as well as implemented B2B website, ready to operate online and represent your business properly.

B2B Communication

Substantive communication within the site, taking into account your client, the purchase process, and their actual needs.

B2B-focused Team

A set of skills combining specialists who understand the demanding nature of B2B.

Transparent Settlements

Convenient management and settlement of working sprints that facilitate the acceptance of activities and improve the progress of the project, even if you have little time.

Tested Processes

Marketing processes normally known only to experienced marketers and expensive consultants implemented from the first day of work on your project.

Dedicated Image

Image designed specifically for you, allowing you to stand out from the competition and build an advantage in the market.

SEO Support from the Start

A ready-to-promote and engaging website that is easy to further develop. Technologically up-to-date and ready for positioning (SEO).

Independence of Development

Training in the independent evolution and development of the project, as well as modularly built implementation that allows you to further expand your B2B website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Building a B2B Website

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about building B2B websites. If they do not dispel your doubts, schedule a free consultation to test our expert.

We divide the production process of your B2B website into two areas.
The first is the workshop area, described in the “How do we start the B2B website building process?” section. The activities in it include 1 to 2 workshop days with you and 2-3 weeks of work on our side with the obtained material. The one-time cost of this area is no higher than the price of one monthly sprint.

The second area is the work in sprints. The size of the project defines the final shape of the site, which means that the whole process takes from 2 to 6 sprints. One sprint, depending on the amount of work we determine, is an investment from several to several thousand net PLN.

The workshop stage usually takes about a month. We conduct work to organize the knowledge of the organization, yours, and your specialists. We close workshop activities within two weeks, and in the next two weeks, we carry out internal activities, consisting of developing a plan and preparing a schedule for further actions.

When you accept the plan, we start work in monthly sprints. Depending on the defined goal and the scale of the work, we may need 2, 3, or even 6 sprints, and thus 2, 3, or 6 months of work. The goal of each sprint is to deliver a finished element of your B2B website that can function online.

A sprint is a working portion of the site that can function independently online. In contrast to the “waterfall” approach, where stages of the site are produced over several months to give you a working version of the site at the end of the project, our sprints include the complete realization process from concept, through content, to implementation.

Sample sprints may look like this:
Sprint 1 / Month 1 – information architecture of the homepage and a simple contact page, describing the overall company on this page, designing the layout, placing content in the layout, graphic design, implementation, and online publication.

Sprint 2 / Month 2 – Information architecture of the offer page, describing 2-3 key pillars of your company’s activity, designing layouts of offer pages, and differences between them, placing content, graphic design of these pages, implementation, and online publication.

Subsequent sprints and months – we repeat sprints depending on the arrangements and the scale of the planned project for as long as necessary to achieve the expected result, e.g., creating a knowledge section and filling it with expert content, adding more success stories (your clients), building landing pages.

Sprints can be placed online after each month of work or at your decision after, for example, creating 2-3 key sprints from your perspective.

Yes. When we finish work on the basic version of the site, that is, after completing all planned sprints, we can change the “mode.” We then switch to a constant “undetermined” cooperation, consisting of supporting selected activities needed for the further development of your marketing, such as:

  • Creating content for your content marketing.
  • Running promotions on selected advertising platforms.
  • Expanding the site with additional areas.
  • Creating additional marketing funnels.
  • Building resources supporting lead generation.

We are ready to discuss additional needs with you and recommend actions that are a natural part of the development process of your

Let's talk about your B2B website. No cost. No obligation.

Schedule a free consultation now, during which, within 30 minutes of talking to our specialist, you will learn the answer to whether this offer is suitable for you.

4 out of 5 of our clients admit that, thanks to this consultation, they know what a B2B website supporting marketing should include.

Course of the consultation

Your Organization · The Conversation · Your B2B Website

Useful knowledge about B2B websites

While working on sites for our clients, we create and develop educational materials that we make available to our audiences in various media, below are some of them

“A good B2B website
is not so much about aggressively selling but helping clients make informed decisions in the purchasing process.”

Mateusz Burczyński,

Business Partner for Marketing

Collaborating with us, companies experience high ROI

The payback time on our outsourcing investment starts
as early as 6 months. This has been appreciated by Sales Agency’s existing clients.

Let's talk about your B2B website. No cost. No obligation.

Schedule a free consultation now, during which, within 30 minutes of talking to our specialist, you will learn the answer to whether this offer is suitable for you.

4 out of 5 of our clients admit that, thanks to this consultation, they know what a B2B website supporting marketing should include.

Course of the consultation

Your Organization · The Conversation · Your B2B Website

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