Effective B2B Sales at Your Fingertips

Expand your sales team with professionals who turn outsourcing into profits.

Collaborating with us, companies experience high ROI

The average return on investment in our outsourcing is only 6 months. This has been appreciated by our Sales Agency partners.

Discover that B2B sales outsourcing is more than just consulting

Check our case studies to see that, in addition to consultancy, we implement and test sales processes in practice. See how we have expanded our partners’ sales through our actions.

Effective sales require a good understanding of the offer. Invest in specialists.

The technology industry and products require a specific approach. onsultative selling, high technical competence, and proven sales strategies allow us to achieve success in any sector where technological products are present. Check the most popular ones:

Automation and Robotics

We have knowledge and extensive sales experience in the robotics industry, along with a rich network of sales contacts. Importantly, we understand what we offer to our clients.


We understand your client’s needs. We use SaaS systems daily and know the importance of a 5-minute response and technical support.


We deliver solutions quickly and are not afraid of pivots. We understand the risks our clients manage, providing fast results based on market feedback.

Solutions for Industry

In this industry, an experienced Sales Engineer is your client’s friend. Education, understanding processes, and knowledge of subcontractors are additional opportunities for closing sales.

IT and Cybersecurity

We provide transparent and long-term partnerships based on Body Leasing principles.

Sports, wellness and medicine

We know the emotions that drive your customers and the importance of recommendations. We build trust by providing personalized offers and sharing knowledge.

You choose.
Always with profit.

We offer not only sales outsourcing but also practical sales of your product or service. We can generate valuable leads for you or lead the sales process to its conclusion. We implement CRM, provide external marketing. You choose. Always with profit.

Your Sales

Practical sales require effective actions. We take all the risks, and you count the profits.

Annual ROI

Every month of our work

Sales outsourcing frees you from the need to have a sales representative.

With us, you are also released from the obligation to hire a sales manager because you receive one as part of our services.

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We implement functional and flexible CRM software that also facilitates managing sales funnels.

We provide employee training and migrate data to the new system.

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We can also take over all marketing activities your sales require.

From creating a website, through advertising campaigns, to building a positive image of your company.

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Check out a new approach to sales

Compare the most popular sales methods in terms of cost
and effectiveness. Remember that you always have a choice, and you can also test our services on a temporary cooperation basis.

In-House Sales Representative

Effectiveness in actions – 40-80% Time dedicated – 60%
Onboarding – 6 months


  • HR
  • Employment + Social Security
  • Vacation + sick leave
  • Employee rotation costs
  • Training costs
  • Office space
  • Sales commissions
  • Company car
  • Delegation costs
  • Recruitment costs
  • Laptop and company phone

The monthly cost of maintaining an experienced sales representative is at least PLN 16,000.

Sales Consultant

Effectiveness in actions – 0-25% Time dedicated – 80%
Onboarding – 4 consultancy sessions

Sales Outsourcing

We are part of your team

Effectiveness in actions > 80%
Time dedicated – 10%
Onboarding – 1 week

  • One invoice for full sales support
  • The latest tools and systems
  • Sales from the second week

Choose the level of support you need.

Benefits You Can Gain

Practical sales outsourcing will increase your profits, allowing you to quickly introduce a new product to the market or fully exploit the potential of your offer.

See What We Do

You can track all our actions in real-time in the CRM system. We meet weekly or more frequently to discuss the results of our work.

Experts in Your Team

Our specialists are not only sales enthusiasts but also educated engineers. You gain a competent salesperson whom you don’t need to train.

Your Own Sales Network

A rich network of contacts gives us a quick start in most industries, increasing our sales capabilities. We will use it to implement your plans.

Less Work for You

Before handing over leads, we process them intensively. That’s why they convert so well. You have less work because you sell more effectively.

Time for Development

We take over the entire sales process from you and make it more efficient. This allows you to focus on developing your organization and product.

Risk Minimization

If you only want to test the quality of our services and the form of cooperation, use the option of a temporary contract for, e.g., 3 months.

“Technical background of each of us facilitates understanding and selling technology. At the same time, proven methods of project verification and evaluation avoid waste
in sales.”

Damian Góral,

CEO Sales Agency, MBA for Startup

You're in Good Company Meet Our Partners

Sales Agency doesn’t operate alone. We are surrounded by partners and technology that make sales outsourcing even more efficient.

Check Us Out or Your Sales

Arrange a free consultation to check the professionalism of our services. Let’s meet to discuss your sales and increase its effectiveness.

“Sales Agency stands out for its great professionalism. It’s a group of young and ambitious people with experience in selling technological products. In addition to delivering high-quality projects, they show mature business analysis, which has often set the direction for our development.”

Piotr Pawełczuk

, CEO Explorate, CEO Infinity Invest

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