How, with the implementation of Pipedrive, Trasko Automatyka increased the execution of operations by 70% and reduced the time of operational meetings from 60 to 20 minutes

The company, which provides industrial automation solutions, was looking for methods to increase efficiency and speed up the work of its sales department. The previous way of working required holding long operational meetings, and the level of completion of individual tasks was low. Pipedrive quickly changed that.
2 weeks - CRM implementation
6 h - full product training
+70% of tasks completed

Kamil Kaczmarski

Sales Development Manager

Who is our client?

Trasko Automatyka, part of Trasko S.A., manufactures machines, used for industrial automation, and designs and performs electrical and teletechnical installations.

Among other things, selling such services and products requires maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

It therefore becomes necessary:

Preparation of an offer, corresponding to the needs of the customer.


Setting appointments.


Contacting customers on various issues.


Monitor at what stage of sales execution individual customers are.

The above-mentioned activities consist of a series of smaller activities that must be carried out at an appropriate pace in order to ensure constant contact with customers and finalize sales. That’s why the support provided by the CRM system proved to be so important.

What problems did Trasko Automatyka have?

Trasko Automatics wanted to make the sales department more efficient and dynamic. In the beginning, they held weekly operational meetings where they noted down tasks to be completed in an Excel sheet. Unfortunately, employees quickly forgot about these notes, so the effectiveness of this system was low. In addition, planning for such a long period outgrew the team’s ability to execute.

The main problem? Employees are completing only 1 in 10 tasks.

So it was decided that operational meetings would be held every day, and tasks would no longer be found only in Excel, but also on cards, assigned to employees. As a result, the team was spending at least an hour every day updating the statuses of tasks, and still the efficiency of task completion was only 10%.

Trasko Automation saw in the CRM system an opportunity to solve their problems. Because of their previous cooperation, they asked us to implement Pipedrive. However, not everything went as they had imagined, and in discovering Pipedrive’s full potential we had to help them.

This is how we handled the CRM implementation for Trasko Automatyka

When we start the implementation of Pipedrive at Trasko Automatics, we don’t know the details of the troubles they are facing. So we proceed with the implementation of the system with the idea that it will become the place where the customer will gather all the information about their sales. Pipedrive’s automations will streamline work and increase the speed of work.

We start the work with an online meeting with the client, at which:

We ask how he works and what his daily activities are, how many people and in what positions will use the system

what Pipedrive enhancements and features the customer could use to maximize the potential of this system

Based on the information obtained at this meeting, we configure the system to meet Trasko Automation’s expectations and then implement it. We perform onboarding of the customer and give them Pipedrive ready to go.

However, it turns out that despite our correct configuration of the system, the customer is not using it. We ask what this is due to, and when the situation has not improved after a few weeks, we invite the customer for additional training.

At the same time, because from the very beginning of the cooperation, we create contact databases, so after training our salesman, he immediately begins the typical activities, that is:

We conduct the training in-house, but the Trasko Automation team works on their computers and on their Pipedrive accounts. We explain everything to the customer, from the basic operation of the interface to the use of advanced features. This full product training lasts six hours.

What did our client gain?

A system to improve sales

Fully functional and customized CRM system

70% increase in efficiency

From 10% of the implemented activities, the efficiency after implementing Pipedrive increased to approx. 80%

Reduce the time of operational meetings to 20 minutes

With the CRM system, daily operational meetings have been shortened
from 60 minutes to 20 minutes

In addition to the implementation of a CRM system tailored to the needs of the sales department, Trasko Automatika also received full product training. This allowed them to start using all of Pipedrive’s functionalities right away.

In three months, they reduced daily operational meetings by more than 65%, while increasing task completion efficiency from 1 out of 10 to 8 out of 10.

The dynamics of the sales team has also been accelerated. On the other hand, thanks to the easy availability of all information, those responsible for the work of salespeople can react faster to changing situations. It is easier for them to report to management. Sales has been organized and activities in its area have gained clarity.


The implementation of Pipedrive at Trasko Automatics has not ended our cooperation. We remain in contact, supporting the client in, for example, optimizing analysis or performing new reports.

Originally, only three people were to use the CRM. After implementation, training and several months of work with Pipedrive, the decision was made to create accounts in the system for all employees of the Trasko Automatics sales department.

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