CRM implementation and sales automation

Get a cloud-based CRM system tailored to your sales process. Containing all your data that you may have previously stored in a wide dispersion. Use the potential of integration and automation to take your sales to a whole new level.

What is a CRM system and why do you need one?

Customer Relationship Management is the foundation of effective B2C and B2B sales. It’s software that supports sales processes by providing, among other things, the ability to automate them. It also enables salespeople to get to know their customers better, so they can prepare a more effective offer.

Among other reasons, this is why we use it on a daily basis. As the official systems provider of Pipedrive, the CRM software
used by thousands of users around the world at any given time, we are responsible for its proper and complete implementation. We also offer training in the use of this CRM and technical support.

You may need a CRM system for the following reasons:

increase the efficiency of the sales team

access to advanced analysis of customer data

automation of sales and customer management processes

monitoring sales performance indicators

effective customer and contact management

maintaining long-term relationships with customers

planning and tracking marketing activities

expansion of customer base

In our CRM implementation, we will carefully tailor this system to your sales process. Each of your employees will receive a properly configured account. At the data migration stage, we will collect all the information you have stored so far, such as in Excel sheets or other CRM software, and put it in your Pipedrive. Just organizing this data will streamline your work and increase the potential of your salespeople.

Stages of implementing a CRM system in your organization

The key to realizing the full potential offered by a CRM system is to precisely match this software to your sales process. That’s why our cooperation will start with an online meeting.

During it, our expert will design sales funnels for you or perform an analysis of existing ones and identify sources of leads. He will also perform a survey of the needs of employees who will use the CRM, taking into account their positions (different functionalities of the system for management, managers and salespeople).

While it may sound complicated, our meeting takes the form of a relaxed discussion in which your employees answer questions from our expert. An additional benefit you gain already at this stage is the analysis of your processes. In 68% of our clients, it has led to improvements in their processes, and for 29% it has proven to be a source of inspiration for introducing new, more effective routines.

With hands-on experience in sales outsourcing, we can design sales funnels or improve the ones you have. In this stage, we use special Miro dashboards to help us collect and systematize knowledge about your sales. You get access to these materials, so you can also use them for your own purposes, such as optimizing internal processes.

In the next step, we divide your sales process into blocks, which we fully implement in the CRM system. We set up and configure the license for each user. We do this internally without involving your employees, thus saving you time.

The benefit of this effort is the creation of a fully functional CRM system for you, configured to your needs. This way your salespeople don’t have to adjust to it, because this software has been tailored to your sales process.

The third step is to migrate your data to a CRM system. If you’ve been in business for years you probably have a lot of Excel sheets and other media in which you store data about customers, sales and products or services. We collect them all into a CRM system, making them easier to use. Migrating the data also allows you to analyze it better, which allows your salespeople to take more effective action.  

If you expect more: integration and automation

Implementing a CRM allows you to integrate this system with other software (e.g., emailing, meeting calendar, etc.), which speeds up your work because you do all your work in one system, instead of logging into many different tools.

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CRM is the foundation here. When it is properly implemented and has data, automation and services, among other things, can be built on top of it.

One such service, for example, is sales funnel design, which can be expanded to include automation sequences triggered depending on a particular stage in the funnel or customer action.

All this enables you to use the CRM to its full potential. Get rid of tedious
repetitive work. In addition, we accelerate sales processes, setting the right pace for the entire organization.

With us you have a choice. Always a favorable one.

You can choose from all of our services to build a package that meets your needs. We can also help you select options that work for your organization.

You will gain the most after performing full automation of your sales, which will give them a whole new quality. Remember that we can also do the integration and automation if you are already using Pipedrive.

Analysis of your needs and process

During the online discussion, we ask about the flow of your sales process and the functionality needs of the CRM system to be implemented.

Implementation of your process

We configure the CRM system, matching it to the specifics of your sales and expectations, as well as the required functionality. We perform this stage without your participation.

Data migration

We collect your data (including the highly dispersed data) and put it into a CRM system so that you can easily use it for sales and analysis.


Turbocharge your sales by setting the pace and increasing the productivity of your salespeople by relieving them of repetitive tasks.


We combine CRM with the programs you use to do all your activities in one system.

Training and workshops

We offer closed training to complete the implementation cycle and open training. We conduct both

in a workshop format, with participants working on their organizations’ newly implemented systems with complete, implemented data.

Find out how implementing a CRM will improve your sales.

The whole point of our CRM implementation is to maximize the alignment of this system with your sales process and expectations. That’s why let’s talk about the specifics during a no-cost conulatation. Within 30 minutes, our expert will show you the benefits of implementing CRM in your organization and answer all your questions.

96% of our customers confirm that this conversation has changed their perspective on the usability of CRM systems.

“It wasn’t until we used the pipedrvie training that we realized what a super tool it can be to organize our daily sales work. I was very impressed with the training, the guys do it very well.”

Jarosław Pyrda

Director of the Project Management Department,
Trasko Automatyka sp. z o.o.

Course of the consultation

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You'll gain all this by implementing a CRM

Implementing a CRM will organize your sales and integrate all the data you use in one place. And it will increase efficiency and speed up your work. You will also gain other benefits.

The system as you want it.

By matching license levels and configuring the accounts of individual users to the nature of their activities, everyone uses the CRM system in the most optimized way possible. Management, managers and salespeople will use the system differently, but everyone will receive a set of functionalities necessary for effective work.

Increased visibility of activities

The CRM system allows you to better control the entire sales process by integrating the necessary actions and monitoring their execution. You always know at what stage of the funnel each customer is and what actions to perform with them. Your salespeople also benefit from this information.

Imposing the pace of organization

In sales automation, many processes are done instantly (e.g., a customer’s email response is immediately visible in the CRM). This sets the right pace for the sales department, which other departments must keep up with. It thus speeds up your entire organization.

More efficient reporting

The magic of numbers is the most effective, so you should know that with CRM you can reduce the time of sales meetings from 60 to 20 minutes thanks to the transparency of the data presented in CRM. And speed up the sales process itself by up to 75%.

Integration with programs

It’s natural that in a company you use
of various software (e.g., for creating and sending offers, creating customer databases, generating
and assigning leads, responding to emails). Integrating the CRM with these programs speeds up and facilitates the work of many departments, as all activities can be done from within the CRM, without having to log into other applications.

Cost optimization

The right mix of license levels and additional software allows you to optimize costs both within the CRM itself and within the other applications your employees use.

Practical hints

A detailed analysis of your sales process, coupled with our subject matter expertise and practical experience, enables us to point you to actions that can still be taken to maximize sales. These prompts for 73% of our clients have proven valuable or very valuable.

Design and audits

Although we are engaged in the implementation of Pipedrive CRM, independently of the performance of this service, we can carry out the integration of this system and automate
sales in it. We can help you design your sales funnel
and conduct an audit of the current implementation.

Learn the truth about Pipedrive

CRM is not another set of tables that your salespeople will have to fill out. It’s a practical tool that will quickly streamline their work to the point where they’ll feel the same way without access to Pipedrive as they would without a phone or a company car.

Perhaps you already have your own data organization and sales monitoring system. Perhaps its development has consumed time and resources.
However, if you don’t replace it with a CRM system whose effectiveness is proven by thousands of companies around the world, your sales will remain the same. We will map your existing processes. We will streamline them and implement them correctly in one software. Just like the biggest companies on the market have it laid out.

Pipedrive is easy to use and user-friendly. Despite this, we have already implemented the system in such companies where not all salespeople could or wanted to use it. In such a situation, for the CRM to work properly, it is enough, for example, for the manager to fill in the data in the system for the salesman. This is also convenient during a longer absence of a salesman (vacation, accident).

Most often you ask about...

For your comfort, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about CRM implementation. Check if we have solved your doubts, and if not – present them to our expert
In a no-cost consultation.

CRM improves sales. You can use it to impose a pace in sales that your salespeople will already find difficult to fall out of. What’s more, once they start using it, you will quickly and easily notice who lacks motivation. And other departments in your organization will have to keep pace with the sales department.

Regardless of its size, any organization will benefit from a CRM implementation, but it’s true that small and medium-sized businesses will gain the most from it. And even one-person businesses. Therefore, don’t think you’re “too small” for this step yet. Arrange a no-cost consultation or try the functionalities of a test account for free to see how CRM will improve your sales.

The answer to this question is very broad, because this CRM system is designed for maximum functionality. Knowing the reality of our clients’ work, we will only detail that in Pipedrive you can, among other things:

  • create personalized reports,
  • automate the sending of emails (including group emails),
  • monitor customers,
  • monitor sale,
  • Analyze sales data and leads,
  • report,
  • use the system via a smartphone app.

You can find information about this on the delivery page of this system. However, you will get the answer to this question much faster during our no-cost consultation. What’s more, we won’t make the mistake of matching your license level to your expectations.

This CRM system can be integrated with tools to:

  • email marketing,
  • data management,
  • lead generation,
  • marketing automation,
  • phone and text message contacts,
  • Video calls (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.),
  • surveys,
  • web portals.

We can also integrate this system with external programs that have external APIs. This also applies to applications developed on your special order (e.g. production software).

Only with us: test Pipedrive at no cost for 30 days.

Try out the capabilities of a free CRM account to explore its potential to improve your sales and your entire organization.

“Our team has seen significant improvements in the adoption and use of CRM. The training has contributed significantly to our ability to manage prospects, track sales activities and optimize the overall sales process within the Pipedrive platform.”

Wojciech Mazgis,

Chief Operating Officer, Zimno Tech Sp. z o.o.

Satisfied Pipedrive user

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CRM implementation in practice

Check out our client case studies and industry publications, full of factual knowledge on how to use CRM functionality to improve sales.

“With sales automation, it’s like automating production. Not only are employees relieved of repetitive daily, simple, routine tasks, but the quality of their work and process execution is significantly improved.”

Kamil Kaczmarski,

Sales Development Manager, Sales Agency

Companies that have already benefited from CRM implementation

Here are companies that are already realizing the potential of a CRM system tailored to their needs. This list is not complete because your organization is missing from it.

Find out how implementing a CRM will improve your sales.

The point of our CRM implementation is to make this system as relevant to your sales process as possible
and expectations. That’s why let’s talk about the specifics during a no-cost consultative meeting. In 30 minutes, our expert will show you the benefits of implementing CRM in your organization and answer all your questions.

96% of our customers confirm that this conversation has changed their perspective on the usability of CRM systems.

“The Pipedrive system, implemented for our requirements, was perfect for managing industrial projects, automating sales work and building a structured database. In 3 steps we received a system thanks to which we gain control over the sales funnel and do not waste time on unnecessary activities. Now I am confident that no sales opportunity will be missed.”

Piotr Pawełczuk

, CEO Explorate, CEO Infinity Invest

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